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Customer Reviews

"I had irritable bowel syndrome with occasional constipation and diarrhea.


After taking Freshlite postbiotics+, I had more fart at the beginning, but both diarrhea and constipation be improved a lot with smooth bowel movements and less bloating!"

"I have had chronical constipation and my friend introduced me to Freshlite postbiotics+. After taking it for 3 days, I had more fart and that made me more comfortable. it helps with my constipation with softer stools. I feel lighter every time after it!"

"After giving birth, I had a pretty regular constipation. My friends introduced me to Freshlite postbiotics+. I have taken 3 capsules before sleeping for few days. Now I felt it helps with constipation with a softness and a better shape in stool, surely it boosted to bowel movements."

"I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome with sudden diarrhea. Having taken Freshlite postbiotics+ for 2 weeks, my diarrhea improved a lot. At the beginning of taking Freshlite postbiotics+, I farted frequently. My stools are no longer too loose or hard and it keeps on a normal condition."

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